Evaluation of the Contribution of Real Estate-based Revenue to IGR of Kwara State

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Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria


Land and landed properties as essential sources of revenue generation have been given less attention by most states and local governments in Nigeria. This is because of the over-reliance of state and local governments on the revenue from the federation account. This research examined the potentials of land and landed properties (real estate) as sources of internally generated revenue (IGR) in Kwara state. The study adopted survey and archival research types. Primary data were collect using structured questionnaires. The major secondary data required for the study were the IGR figures in the state for a period of 8 years and those that are real estate-based. These figures were retrieved from the archive of the Kwara State Internally Revenue Services (KWIRS) and the data were further analysed using descriptive statistics (tables and graphs) and inferential statistics (correlation). The study revealed that there is moderately high correlation (0.71) between IGR and real estate-based revenue (RER. The contribution of real estate-based revenue on the annual IGR of Kwara state for the period under review was found to be 0.72%. This was low considering the abundant land and landed properties in the state and the potentials in real estate-based revenue generation of the state. The study therefore concluded that real estate as sources of IGR have not been properly harnessed in the study area and that the contribution of RER could be increased significantly if effectively tapped into. Based on the findings the members of the public should be enlightened more on the benefits of property tax payment, while the government should ensure transparency and accountability in spending public funds. Adequate infrastructures capable of enhancing real estate values should be provided.



IGR, Land, Land taxes, Landed Property, Real Estate