Indigenous Language Newspapers in Nigeria from 1914-2013; A Review.

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Department of History and International Studies, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai


The emergence of newspapers as a medium of Mass communication in what is now known as Nigeria can be traced to as far back as 1859 with the publication of the first newspaper; Iwe Irohin fun Awon Ara Egba ati Yoruba’(A Newspaper for the Egbas and Yoruba People), by Reverend Henry Townsend, an Anglical missionary. This newspaper and a number of other indigenous language publications of its kind actually predates the official existence of the country, Nigeria; a British colony which came into being through the amalgamation of its northern and southern protectorates in 1914. With this pioneering arrival of such indigenous language publications, it would logically be expected that over the years, such newspapers would have grown to become well established institutions in the Nigerian newspaper industry. Yet, today, after over a decade from the establishment of the first newspaper; incidentally an indigenous language publication, many indigenous language publications in Nigeria are still faced with problems of irregularity while some are not even known. Many others have also gone extinct. In fact, today’s Nigerian newspaper industry has the publications in English language as the mainstream newspapers while the few published in local languages are more or less supplements. This paper examines the trends and challenges of indigenous language press in Nigeria from 1914 to date. The paper recognizes the importance of indigenous language in effective communication and highlights the prospects of indigenous language press in today’s Nigeria.


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Newspaper, Nigeria, Indigenous languages