National Integration in Nigeria: The Islamic Perspective.

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The Department of Theatre Arts, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria


This paper examines the elements of National Integration from Islamic perspective. In so doing, descriptive method was adopted. The data were collected through secondary sources. i.e. textbooks, journals and electronic materials. The scope of the paper revolved around definitions of Islam and National integration, enumeration of five elements or dimensions of National integration and juxtaposition of elements of National integration and the teachings of Islam. Emphasis is laid on the fact that Islam as a religion covers all spheres of life with its teachings. Explanation is given on the relevance of Islamic teachings with elements or dimensions of National integration. The paper concludes that this work is significant most especially it refutes some thinking about Islam as a static or retrogressive religion. The paper believes that if those teachings of Islam are considered, they would facilitate the theme of National Integration and development


The study was an analytical discourse


Integration, Islamic, National, Perspectives