Postcolonialism, Orature and Social Transformation in Femi Abodunrin's "The Dancing Masquerade

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Department of Theatre Arts, University of Abuja


Writers and critics have used critical literary thoughts to interrogate issues concerning inequality,oppression, gender difference, colonialism, class stratification amongst others. Postcolonialism as a theory is used to dismantle colonial-imperialist discourses which are still predominant in Africa and Nigeria in particular as a colonized territory. It is a retrospect of the historical antecedence of colonial enslavement by the imperialists and its consequence effects on the African people as a race. The research examines the process of decolonization of the African society and the proposition towards the eventual restoration to human civilization. It is an expose` of the African postcolonial and African literary text of social transformation as captured in Femi Abodunrin’s The Dancing Masquerade which typifies the unchanging malevolent colonial effects on the African continent and the Nigerian society in particular. The paper therefore, embarks on a textual analysis of the novel in order to highlight the postcolonial propensity embedded in the text with a view to underwrite the utmost need for social transformation and a clarion call for an egalitarian society.



Social Transformation, Postcolonialism