Effects of plumage colour, sex and correlation on bodyweight and linear body measurements in the Nigerian local turkey

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World’s Poultry Science Association-Nigeria Branch


One hundred (100) sixteen (16) weeks old Nigerian local turkeys (55 males and 45 females) consisting of 43 lavender 36 white and 21 black plumage turkeys were used to evaluate the effect of plumage colour and sex on growth traits (body weight and linear body measurements). Correlations between body weight and the linear hody measurements were also evaluated. The black male turkey numerically had highest values for the growth traits measured, except the body length which was higher in the lavender, followed by the lavender male, while the white plumage turkey had the lowest value. In the female turkey, the lavender numerically had higher values for all parameters measured except the keel length which was higher in the black plumage turkey; the white female turkey had lowest value as well. The effect of sex on body weight and linear body measurements was significant (p<0.05). The male turkey had significantly (p<0.05) higher growth traits values than the female. Linear body measurements were highly correlated (p<0.01), positive and significant with body weight in Nigerian local turkey, ranging from 0.47 obtained for keel length to 0.95 for body length in male, and 0.60 obtained for keel length to 0.92 for body length in female. However, the shank diameter had a low (0.20) correlation value with the body weight in male Nigerian local turkey. This study shows that the black male and lavender female turkey had higher value for body weight and linear body measurement. Male Nigerian local turkey had significantly higher values for growth traits, while positive and significant correlation existed between some linear body measurements and body weight in the Nigerian local turkey.



Plumage colour, sex, linear body measurements, correlation. Nigerian local turkey