Application of Off-Grid Energy Sources to Reduce Rate of Increase in Demand on National Grids

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University of Ilorin and Cape Peninsula University of Technology


The demand for electrical energy from the national grids is increasing in African countries as result of population growth and construction of more residential buildings. Residential electricity usage constitutes a high percentage of electrical energy demand from national grids in most African countries because of the low level of industrialization In the last few years, some companies have started operating in Nigeria installing solar panels to charge deep-cycle batteries to supply electricity to residential buildings. A case study of a home where it was installed showed that their average monthly electricity consumption has reduced from 352.14kWh before the installation to 154.73kWh after the installation as indicated by the 3- phase meter provided by Power Holding Company of Nigeria. In that home a solar plate collector for heating water was to also installed to produce warm water for bathing. This resulted in a saving of about 2kg of Liquefied petroleum gas per month. If most residential buildings in a country adopt these technologies to provide electricity and hot water instead of using electric water heater, the energy demand from the national grid per building will reduce.



Off-grid Energy Source, National Grid