Close to Community Health Care Providers; The Operation and Performance of Patent Medicine Vendors in Management of Malaria in Kwara State, Nigeria

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Centrepoint Journal (Science Edition)


The operation and performance of Close to Community Patent Medicine Vendors (CTC-PMVs) in the provision of malaria treatment and services were determined. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among CTC-PMVs who were selected through multi stage sampling techniques. Interviewer administered questionnaires was used to collect data, EPI-INFO software statistical package was used to analyse data collected. Two hundred and six respondents were interviewed with mean age was 34.45±11.22, more females 116(56.3 %) than males 90(43.7%). Majority of the CTC-PMVs 115(55.8%) had secondary education. Most 174(84.5%) of the respondents learnt the job through apprenticeship from shop owners. Correct knowledge on the cause of malaria 183 (88.8%), on predisposing factors to malaria infestation 148(71.8%) and on sign and symptoms 189(97.1%) of malaria infection. Finally, performance factors on years of practice and type of training undergone by PMV was found to be associated with their readiness to sell drugs to customers. pv <0.05, P= 0.0040). The study showed that operation and performance of CTC-PMV is predicated on level of education, type of training and years of practices as PMV. Continuous medical education is recommended to maintain and improve the quality of malaria service by CTC-PMV.



Close- to-Community, PMV