Addressing the challenges of science education in Africa through a global lens

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African Educational Research Network, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, United States


The African continent does not rank well in global development indices, and for many decades, African countries have relied significantly on more economically viable nations in the world. While development is known to be closely tied to scientific advancement, a major factor responsible for Africa’s poor development rating is the comparatively low level of scientific and technological development; which has been adjudged to have significant influence on sustainable development and the quality of the human life. Many challenges have been identified as impediments to qualitative science education in Africa and evidences abound that the so called developed nations of the world today have in the past had, and still have similar challenges which they have addressed and which they are still addressing. This paper examines the position of science education in Africa within a global context, presents some of its challenges and suggests possible solutions through a global lens.


The paper is an essay on the challenges of science education in Africa


Challenges, Science education, Africa


Oyelekan, O. S. (2016). Addressing the challenges of science education in Africa through a global lens. The African Symposium, an online Journal of the African Educational Research Network, 15(3), 112-123. Available online at