Motives for the use of social media for consumption of mainstream media content among students of the University of Ilorin.

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Published by Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Nigeria.


This study explores patterns of social media use among students in University of Ilorin and satisfaction they derive from using social media to consume mainstream media contents. Situated within the thesis of uses and gratifications theory, the study surveyed 382 students of the University of Ilorin, via convenience technique. Generally, participants agreed they use the social media to access news easily and know what is going on in the society. The study also revealed that user-friendliness, self-development, educational opportunities, convenience in communication, and enhancement of self-development, wide exposure, global exchange, and relaxation motivated their usage of the social media. Findings suggest that the gratifications offered by mainstream media are being better met by the social media. In addition accessibility, interactivity, mobility and multimediality emerged as specific gratifications obtained from the social media. It is thus recommended that the social media platform be unbundled in order to profile gratifications offered by individual medium with a view to ascertain how youth access mediated information in the contemporary time


The mainstream media have, from time immemorial, been the major source of human information, education and entertainment needs’ gratifications. However, social media are redefining these roles and human interaction processes, especially among the youths. According to Kaplan and Haenlein (2010, p. 60) social media are “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and allow the creation and exchange of user generated content (also known as UGC)”. However, in an attempt to define social media in relation to communication, researchers have described them as “alternative platforms of public communication” (Poell & Borra, 2011, p. 696).


social media, mainstream media, uses and gratifications, media, youth


Mustapha, M. L., Usman, O. Z. & Adegoke, R.O. (2017): Motives for the use of social media for consumption of mainstream media content among students of the University of Ilorin. Crutech Journal of Communication. 1(1); 102-115.