Level of Awareness and Adherence to Health and Safety Regulations in Construction Industry in Kwara State of Nigeria

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Kaduna State University Environmental Sciences Journal


Investigation into causes of accidents and ill-health on construction sites in Nigeria revealed poor health and safety performance. Construction workers are approximately three times more likely to suffer from fatal injuries than those in other sectors. This has earned the industry the reputation of being a dangerous or highly hazardous industry. This study therefore evaluates extent to which construction organizations are aware and adhere to Health and Safety Regulations with a view to enhancing safe work environment. Data for the study were collected from construction firms registered with Kwara State Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Nigeria. The ministry keeps the data base of all registered contracting firms within the state. This revealed a total of fifty-two (52) firms. The use of questionnaire was adopted for data collection. Out of 52 copies of questionnaire administered to respondents, 35 copies were retrieved representing about 67% response rate. The analytical tools used were simple percentage and Relative Importance Index (RII). The findings from the analysis revealed high level of awareness of health and safety regulations (87%). Though few of the regulations were been adhere to: provision of adequate site security (RII value of 4.35), provision of first aid facilities (4.29) and working at height safety precautions (4.18). Use of health and safety file and workers undergoing medical test prior to work were ranked last. The study also unearthed that compliance with health and safety regulations could reduce accidents on construction sites (4.86), raise the organization image (4.51), improve productivity and reduce project delay (4.43). It was concluded that there were high level awareness of health and safety regulations in the construction industry but the level of adherence is relatively low.



Adherence, Awareness, Construction firms, Health and Safety


6. Adebiyi R. T., Babalola M. O. Amuda-yusuf G., Rasheed A. S. & Zubair M. A.: State of awareness and adherence to health and safety regulations in Nigeria construction industry. Kaduna State University Environmental Sciences Journal. Published by Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Kaduna State University, Nigeria. (Letter of acceptance dated 26/02/2020).