An Appraisal of the Contributions of Christian Association of Nigeria on the Nigerian Society

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Mcpherson University,Ogun State


Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the umbrella body of Christians in Nigeria was founded in1976 as offshoot of Northern Christian Association. The Association has made significant impacts on Christianity in Nigeria. The undiminished quest for unity, which has characterized the activities of the Nigerian Church Council, is by no means geared towards eliminating discord and schism. It is noteworthy that CAN has been playing positive impacts in the Nigerian society, which consists of Christians and non-Christians. The purpose of this paper was to assess its impacts on Nigerian society. In doing this, historical, descriptive and empirical methods of research were adopted. It was discovered that the Association, has been playing positive impacts not only among Christians but to the nation at large through its various programmes such as youths and women empowerments, prayer conferences, advice, poverty alleviation programmes, leadership trainings and others. And that, its developmental programmes are future oriented and are not limited to Christians but to non-Christians in Nigeria. The paper concluded that, the impacts of the Christian Association of Nigeria on the Nigerian society are capable of enhancing sustainable development in Nigeria.



Appraisal, Contributions of Christian Association of Nigeria, Nigerian Society