Significance of Prayer Mountains in Biblical Narrative with Ref to Matt. 17:1-5

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Mountains and hills were particular places of interest in Israel. Due to their durability, height, and make-up, they often became natural places for refuge and security, territorial boundaries, and strategic military locations. Mountains have a significant symbolic value in the Bible, they first and foremost are part of the physical reality of the Bible. As a result, mountains and hills are mentioned over 500 times in the Bible. Mountains have a logical religious symbolism for biblical cultures since they are “closer to God” who is believed to dwell in the heavens. Every day on the news we hear about people in desperate need: victims of war, disease, crime, poverty, family and personal problems. For God’s people to rely on His strength, they answer to the call for Prayer Mountains Here And There. In the light of this observation, the objective of this paper is to unearth the significance of the Lord going into a mountain to pray and to find out if the Lord hears us better from the mountain top than else’s where. To achieve the set goal, the author used both exegetical, historical and sociological methods. Data were gathered through primary source, which is the Bible and secondary source in which related books and journals were consulted. The paper discovered that mountains are sites of transcendent spiritual experiences, encounters with God or appearances by God. They are places of special worship and meeting with God since they provided seclusion that is a retired, free from interruption, and fitted by impressiveness and grandeur to raise the thoughts to the God that had formed the high hills and the deep-shaded groves. In conclusion, though the transfiguration itself instructs us about the true nature of Jesus. But it also gives us a glimpse of what is yet to be, not only of His appearance in heaven, but our glorification as well.



Mountain, transfigured, appeared, beloved Son, Significance of Prayer