Design and Development of a Safe and Effective Online Marketplace for Nigeria

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Faculty of Management and Social Science, Geofrey Okoy University, Enugu, Nigeria


Buying and selling has gone beyond what is carried out only in a physical environment, as the availability of internet has made market and marketing a thing done online. Most online marketplaces (Websites) are individually managed in a way that it monopolises and restricts users to only products and services placed on them, thereby making users to think that only goods placed on such media are those available in the market. The paper proposed, designed and developed a web-based marketplace system using UML (Unified Model Language) and PHP as the Front-end (Programming Language) and MYSQL as the back-end (Database) running under WAMP (Window, Apache, PHP and MYSQL) Platform. The study used Case diagram and Class diagram, offered by UML for designing the system. The system provides a secured marketplace for products and services with the resources available online which is secure and provide customers marketplace with unlimited and unrestricted search. With the adoption of limited search engine optimisation that converges, accesses to various marketplaces through the use of links have been made possible. The study recommended that online marketplace should be improved on by not only limited to products in the country but goods and services outside the country



Marketplace, Optimisation, Products and Services


ISSN: 2550-7265