Effect of class-wide peer–tutoring technique on the performance of slow learners in economics in Ilorin-south, Kwara State Nigeria

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The study examined the effects of Class-Wide Peer Tutoring (CWPT) technique on the performance of slow learners in Economics in florin-South Local Government of Kwara State Nigeria. 12 slow learners (8 male and 4 female) were randomly selected from a purposefully sampled secondary school. The pretest, posttest experimental group design was adopted. A a-item multiple-choice objective test termed Economics Achievement Test (EAT) was used for collecting data. The validated EAT was tested for reliability. Paired sampled T-test and independent sample t-test were used in determining the significant differences among the two groups. The results showed that there was statistically significant difference between pre-test and posttest mean scores of students taught economics using class-wide peer tutoring. In addition, there was no significant difference between male and female slow learners taught economics using CWPT.



Class wide, Slow learners