Girl-child education: Important for national development in Nigeria

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Department of Business Education, Kwara State University, Malete, Ilorin, Nigeria


Education helps one to maximize his or her physical, mental and emotional capabilities which are useful to him or her and the society. It is a process through which a person acquires knowledge, skills. habits and values that enable him or her to function effectively as a member of the society. Education of the girl-child will enable her to live a healthier. happy lie. It will assist her to develop skills, information and self-confidence, more productivity at work. better paid indeed and increase in her future earnings. Many masons have been put forward for those imbalances in education of the girl-child, as a result of economic constraints, gender segregation, parents' education, parents' religion, family type, position of the girls in the family, ignorance and illiteracy of parents and some other cultural practices, In many countries, available indicators show that the girl-child is discriminated against from earlier stages of life through her childhood. In some parts of the world, men outnumber women by 5 in every100. The reason for the discrepancy include among other things are religious and cultural practices, poverty, literacy and ignorance. Apart from all concrete efforts made by the United Nations Organization (UNO), Education For All EFA) and United Nations Educational Scientific: And Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) and Nigerian Government to establish a visible and purposeful direction geared towards enhancing access of Nigerian children to education and achieving improved retention and completion rates, there are still obstacles of socio cultural factors of family type, religion and literacy level of parents in boys' and girts' educational development in the country. Girls are often treated as inferior and socialize to out themselves last, thus undermining their self-esteem.




importance, girl-child, education


Okafor, I. P. (2014): Girl-child education: Important for nation. Journal of Business of Education. 2 (1 ); 33-46