Assessment of Social Studies Undergraduates’ Level of Patriotism: Implication for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria

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Social Studies Association of Nigeria (SOSAN)


It is not an easy task to develop the feeling of belonging, love, pride and caring among students. The goal of this study is to recognize formal education in preparing individuals towards active citizenship and fostering positive attitude and behaviour toward the country. A descriptive research design of survey type was employed to obtain information from Undergraduates who have acquired patriotic content knowledge of Social Studies. This study therefore investigates the proposition that patriotic contents of Social Studies contributes to students’ patriotic reflections and attitudes toward their country. The researcher specifically explores the impact of SSE 321 (Social Sciences Education Course) titled: Nationalism and Patriotism in Nigeria. An extensive empirical research was conducted among 110 Undergraduates who were purposively selected as study population in Institute of Education University of Ilorin. Findings revealed that SSE 321 had impacted on the Undergraduates; patriotic reflections and attitudes among these Undergraduates was also high; There was no significant difference in the patriotic reflection and attitude of undergraduates based on gender. The study concluded that Patriotic reflection and attitude of undergraduate is high and neither male nor female differed in their patriotic reflection and attitude.



Patriotic Content, Patriotic Reflection, Patriotic Attitudes, Social Studies Undergraduates


Balogun, I. N. & Jamiu, A. M. (2020)