Self-regulated Learning and Parental Involvement as Correlates of Senior Secondary School Students' Achievement in Mathematics in Ilorin, Nigeria

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Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators of Nigeria (ASSEREN)


The study investigated self-regulated learning and parental involvement as correlates of senior secondary school students’ achievement in Mathematics in Ilorin, Nigeria. The population comprised all senior secondary school students while the target population consisted of senior secondary school students two in Ilorin. The survey research was employed to carry out the study and simple random sampling technique was used to select two hundred (200) senior secondary school students in Ilorin. Two instruments were used namely Self-regulation Questionnaire (SRQ), Parental Involvement Questionnaire (PIQ) and Mathematics Achievement Test (MAT) with test-retest reliability co-efficient of 0.88, 0.86 and 0.87 were used to collect data from the study. The data collected were analysed using mean, percentages, Product Moment Correlation, Regression analysis and t-test statistics at 0.05 alpha level of significance. Findings revealed that, there is a significant relationship between self-regulated learning and parental involvement on senior secondary school students’ achievement in Mathematics. In addition, there is no significant difference between male and female students in self-regulated learning and Mathematics achievement while significant difference exist between male and female students in terms of parental involvement. Based on these findings, it was recommended that, parents should monitor and supervise their children’s academic activities in order to improve their achievement in Mathematics. Moreover, students should be encouraged by their teachers and parents to engage in self-regulated learning in all their study to enhance their performance especially in Mathematics.



Mathematics,, Parental involvements,, Self-regulated learning,, Students’ achievement