Corruption in Nigeria: Causes, Effects and The Role of the Church at Finding Solutions To The Menace

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Journal of Philosophy and Christian Studies, Nasarawa State University


Corruption is the biggest among the challenges in Nigeria. It is clear to every citizen of Nigeria that the level of corruption in the country is high. It is found in all the entire sectors of the country. It continues to be the bane of development in most African countries to date. Unsuccessful efforts have been made and are still being made by the country’s rulers to tackle this problem especially in contemporary society. The modest attempt in this paper therefore is to examine the philosophical perspective on the role of the church in relation to the anticorruption crusade in Nigeria in the present century. The role of religion in the society showing that most of what goes on in the society has one connection or the other with religion is examined alongside corruption, defined and analysed from various perspectives. How the church can go beyond the individual level to complement government's effort in fighting corruption without compromising corruption in government but by 'speaking truth to power' when occasions demand as we learn from great prophets like Elijah and Nathan in the Old Testament.



Religion, Corruption, Church, Anti-corruption crusade