Serum brain natriuretic peptide in healthy Nigerian newborn babies

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Paediatric Association of Nigeria


Background: Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a sensitive biomarker that is valuable in the management of childhood heart failure. Studies have reported racial differences in the level of BNP, especially in the adult population. The level of BNP in healthy Nigerian newborn babies is unknown. Hence, we determined the level of BNP in healthy term appropriate for gestational age (AGA) newborn babies. Methods: This was a cross- sectional study,85 healthy term AGA newborn babies aged 24 to 72 hours. The babies had relevant demographic parameters docu mented in a proforma and BNP assay analysed using ELISA method. Results: The median IQR serum BNP level was 341.43 (313.39 to 425.45) pg/ml. The median level in females, was higher than males, {393.86 (296.97- 460.62) pg/ml vs328.05 (313.61-389.39) pg/ml, p >0.05}.There was no significant relationship between serum BNP and birth weight, chronological age, gestational age, or mode of delivery (p>0.05 in each case). Conclusion: The study demonstrated high BNP levels in healthy term Nigerian newborns. There was no relationship between BNP, the chronological age, birth weight, gender, gestational age or mode of delivery in babies between 24 to 72 hours of life



Brain natriuretic peptide, term babies, healthy, Nigeria


11. Issa, A., Abdulkadir, M. B., Adesiyun, O. O., Owolabi, B., Bello, S. O., & Bakare, R. R. (2021). Serum brain natriuretic peptide in healthy Nigerian newborn babies. Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics, 48(1), 8-11