Assessment of Instructional Competency and Resources for Adult Literacy learners in Kwara State: Perspectives of Learners and Instructors.

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African Journal of Education Studies (AJOESI). The Faculty of Education University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.


This study examined instructional competency and resources for adult literacy learners from the perspective of learners and Instructors in Kwara State. The paper has a research question and one (1) hypothesis to guide the study. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted; at the first stage cluster sampling technique was used to select sixteen (16) adult literacy centers’ in each of the Local Government Areas in Kwara State. At the second stage, simple random sampling technique was adopted to draw eighty (80) adult literacy instructors and eighty (80) learners. A structured interview and questionnaire were used as the instruments for data collection. And also, teaching assessment format was designed by the researchers, to assess instructors’ instructional competency. The data collected were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis; mean rating and t-test were used. Hypothesis formulated for the study was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed that the perspective level of instructors and learners is high and insignificant difference exited in the perspective level of instructors and learners on instructional competency and resources in adult teaching and learning. Based on the findings, recommendations were proffered for the instructors and Agency for Mass Literacy amongst which was that government should make provision for more instructional materials, employ more personnel and allowance of instructors should be paid as at when due.


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Assessment, Instructional Competency, Resources, Adult Literacy learners, Kwara State