Teachers Perception of the Revised Islamic Studies Curriculum for the Upper Basic Education (J.S. 1-3)

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Nigeria Association of Teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies (NATAIS)


Islamic studies was one of the independent subjects of teaching in the Primary and Secondary School System of Nigeria until 2012 when the 9-years Universal Basic Education Curriculum was reviewed and the subject became a theme among other three themes that form Religion and National Values. The content of the old curriculum was adopted with some modifications to suit the objectives of the revision. This work investigated the perception of teachers in the concerned schools regarding the new development . Teachers were randomly sampled from selected secondary schools in Ilorin and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Collected data was analysed and findings revealed that even though the reduction of subjects to a manageable size is a welcomed idea, Islamic Studies is at disadvantage because the course is wide and submerging it under a course will subject the objective of the course to jeopardy



Islamic studies ,Universal Basic Education, Religion and National Values , Federal Capital Territory, Abuja


Arabic and Islamic Learning in Nigeria