The status of human and material resources used in teaching biology in teaching in Ilorin, Kwara State

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Department of Maritime Management Technology, Owerri Nigeria


The study explored the status of human and material resources used in teaching biology in public schools in Ilorin. A descriptive survey method was adopted. All senior school students in Ilorin constituted the population, out of which 20 secondary schools were randomly selected. A checklist tagged Inventory of Resources for Teaching Science (IVRTS) was used for data collection. The data were analyzed using frequency count and percentages. The findings revealed a wide range of biology apparatus, equipment, reagents, charts, models, slides and specimens. However, many schools are characterized with inadequate resources and the available ones are not frequently utilized by the teachers. The study recommends that government should employ adequate professional qualified science teachers and laboratory personnel and that the untrained teachers should be mandated to go for professional training; it was also recommended that unavailable materials should be improvised.



Biology, human resources, availability, adequacy, level of use