School counsellor perception on the psychological development of child abuse of in school adolescents in Ilorin metropolis.

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Department of Counselling and Psychology, University of Ibadan


This study aimed at surveying the school counselor perception on the consequences of child abuse on the psychological development of in school adolescents in Ilorin Metropolis. The population for the study comprised of secondary school counsellors in the four Local Government Areas within Ilorin metropolis. The targeted population for this study are the secondary school counsellors in Ilorin metropolis. Purposive sampling technique was used to select 50 respondents from each of the four L.G.As. Thus making a total of two hundred respondents that participated in the study. The questionnaire consists of two sections. Section A dealt with demographic data while Section B consists of items on the consequences of Child Abuse on the psychological development of In-School adolescents. Four hypotheses were generated for the purpose of this study. Data were collected using a researcher designed instrument tagged “Consequences of Child Abuse on the Psychological Development of In-School Adolescents Questionnaire (CCAPDA)’’. Items on the questionnaire were derived from information obtained from the review of related literature. The 4-point Likert Type Scale response format was adopted for use in Section B as thus: Strongly Agree: 4 points; Agree: 3 points; Disagree: 2 points; and Strongly Disagree: 1point. The questionnaire contains 20 items which the counsellors were expected to respond to. The data were analyzed using percentages, mean, t-test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), all hypotheses were tested at 0.05 alpha levels. The findings of this study showed that there was no significant difference on the basis religion and length of years. However a significant difference was found on the basis of respondent’s gender and educational qualification. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended that the School counsellor should organize enlightenment programme on effects of child abuse on the psychological development of in-school adolescents.




Counsellors Perception, Psychological development, Child Abuse, In-School Adolescents