Managing Cultural and Ethical Variability in the Globalized Work Environment

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Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos


Communication is a key variable in the organization of human relations at individual, group and societal levels. The arrival of new communication technologies, however, brought about significant changes in the strategies and conducts of the contemporary organizations. The integration of the entire globe, through breath-taking technological apparatuses affects every societal institutions in many ways that are challenging yet opportunity oriented. Mostly affected in the lives of today’s organization are the areas of organizational interaction, structure and culture. In view of the role of changing communication technologies in structural, functional and survival of organizations in this era of globalization, this paper presents the pan-theoretical, communication-induced, adjustments that guarantee a perfect working alchemy among postmodern workers of diverse intellectual, cultural, ethical and linguistic milieus.


This article articulates how new information and communication revolution contributes to new work environment that accommodates workers of differing cultural practices.


Globalization, Organization, Communication, Postmodern, Culture, Ethics


Mustapha, L. K. & Kadiri, K. K. (2012): Managing cultural and ethical variability in the globalized work environment. Communication Review. 6 (2); 175-194,