Perceived Effects of Physical Activities on the Health Status of Students in Kwara State School for Special Needs, Ilorin

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Department of Human Kinetic, Health Education and Sport Management, Kwara State University, Malete


All work no play don’t just make a jack a dull boy, it also kills the potential of discovery, mastery and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation an invention. Thu the purpose of this study was to investigate the perceived effects of physical activities on the health status of students in Kwara state school for special needs, Ilorin, Nigeria. A descriptive research design of survey type was employed. The population for the study was 187 students of Kwara state school for Special Need. Purposive sampling and simple random sampling technique was used to select one hundred and twenty respondents who are students of the school. A self-structured questionnaire was used for the study. The instrument was validated by three professionals from the department of Human kinetics Education and Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education, reliability was also ascertained through a test re-test with a reliability coefficient of 0.76r. Inferential statistic of chi-square was used to analyse the data collected at 0.05 alpha level. The results of the study revealed that physical activities have a positive influence on mental health, physiological health and environment of people with special need students. It was concluded that physical activity benefits entire body systems of special need students which also improve mental alertness while environment have influence on physical activity among special need students. It was therefore recommended that physical activities should be made compulsory for all students in the school for special needs to promote their physiological and mental health status while enabling environment for physical activities should be provided for ease and effective participation.



Special Needs, Physiology, Mental, Health, Physical activity