Computer studies’ curriculum review: A proposal for an innovative curriculum.

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Department of Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin.


This paper proposes an innovative curriculum prototype for Nigerian Computer Studies’ Curriculum (NCSC) having examined the current situation of secondary school computer studies curriculum and the need for its review. This proposal is premised on the need for the NCSC to be redirected towards being activity-based, learner-centered and contextualised. Computer studies is not a subject to be taught in an abstract sense thus, the need to be fully packed with problem-based activities for students’ immersion in computer science concepts. Learning is being clamoured for to be less of teacher-centered but learner-centered in order for students to be able to create meaning with their learning. Finally, the concept of GLOBALIZATION is hinted in this proposal to enable students link global concepts of computer studies to their immediate environment (local). This innovative computer studies curriculum proposal provides examples of how concepts in computer science are explored in human comprehensible formats and localised contents.



computer science, innovative curriculum, learner-centered, contextualised, globalization