Rethinking Nigeria's Teacher Training Programme In Information and Communication Technology for The Child In AChanging World

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LEAGO ENTERPRISES Ltd, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom in conjunction with Department of Educational Foundations, University of Jos, Nigeria.


A key trend to the changing world is the child’s changing needs and exponential growth in exchanging information and knowledge. Teacher training is expected to reflect on these changes through adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education. This paper explored how Nigeria’s teacher training programme can be re-strategized through adopting ICT in education to meet up with the dynamic needs of the Nigerian child. Related literature was reviewed on the role of ICT in education, rationale for rethinking teacher training in the changing world, and policy framework on teacher training in Nigeria. Most prospective and practicing teachers are yet to acquire both professional and ICT skills that will enable them to effectively teach the Nigerian child. The reason being that the traditional approach to instruction is predominantly in use. The paper identified strategies for teacher training through ICT Competency Framework for Teachers. Conclusion was made and suggestions were offered as a way forward that teacher training should be a continuous process to produce teachers, who are not only professionally trained but teachers, who are adaptable to the changing world, and that the planning and development of teacher education curriculum should take into cognizance the global strategies on teacher training in a digital world, while regulatory bodies of teacher training institutions should provide performance indicators for the framework of action.



The Child, Changing world, ICT, Rethinking Nigeria’s Teacher Training