The Nigerian Judiciary: Pertinent Need for Reforms and the Agitation for Its Independence

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Wildy, Simmonds & Hill


The Nigerian Judiciary is one of the most popular judiciaries in Africa and that it has assisted in the sustenance of democracy in the Nigerian polity would seem settled if the Nigerian democratic journey is considered. Despite this importance, the Nigerian Judiciary has however become a subject of ridicule across different spheres of life. The problems engulfing the Nigerian judiciary has no doubt called for the need for reforms which need to be done with expediency considering the fast dwindling state of same. These reforms can only however be painstakingly done if the existing order is evaluated and considered. This article thus tries to evaluate quite cursorily the Nigerian judiciary, the problems bedevilling same, the imperatives having an independent judiciary and propose reforms which if embarked upon could ensure the Nigerian judiciary regains its pride of place among the comity of judiciaries in Africa.



Judicial independence, Judiciary, Corruption


Judicial Independence in Africa Egbewole,W (ed.) 328-369.United Kingdom