An Appraisal of James 5:1-6 and its Significance on Employer-Employee Relationship in Nigeria

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It is no news that life is extremely difficult for many Nigerian workers today because of the economic recession. Some states in Nigeria have not been able to pay their workers for several months, this call for serious deliberations since the work-force of any nation is of great significance to the advancement of economic growth and its overall development. This situation has bred a dangerous work environment were several unemployed people are willing to take any job for survival rather than dignity. This made labour exploitation possible in many organizations in the form of poor salary, wages, motivation, and dehumanization of work and workers. Some employers are guilty of the above because they sought wealth far above their needs and in the process, they cheat workers of their wages. With exceptional severity, James reproaches such employers for pleasure-seeking at the detriment of their employees because the wealth they amassed will not last and the judgment of God will be upon them. This work adopts the expository, historical, and descriptive research methods with primary and secondary sources. It explores the issues relating to employer-employee relationships in Nigeria. This paper offers some reflections on some Christian values that can strengthen the relationship between the employer and employee, and recommends that trade union should be encouraged and should be a veritable tool through which excesses of employers are checked. Any organization/ company that fails to recognize the right of its employees should be dissolved or sanctioned. There is a need for a progressive workplace policy that can ensure decent work and adequate protection for workers in Nigeria.



Labour, Exploitation, Work-Condition, Trade-Union, Job Satisfaction