Empowerment and Development Strategies for the attainment of MDGs in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State.

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Journal of Nigerian National Council for Adult Education.


This paper is on local empowerment development strategies for the attainment of MDGs in Ilorin West Local Government Area. The aim is to provide a formidable basis needed for adopting meaningful policy measures geared towards the empowerment of communities and development strategies for attaining the MDGs. The paper addressed the following issues among which are empowerment and development, the millennium development goals in perspectives, development strategies in empowering the community for the achievement of the MDGs and the challenges faced with its attainment. The paper concludes with the fact that empowerment of communities are needed to achieve the MDGs. Based on this, recommendations made were intensive awareness campaign for the people of the rural areas in Ilorin West Local Government, the need for collaborative efforts between the government and community based association and extension of MDG programmes to the identified area by the government.


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Empowerment,, Development,, strategies,, attainment and MDGs.S