PHENOL removal in refinery wastewater using mixed oxides prepared by green synthesis


Mixed solid oxides are known for their excellent catalytic property and applications in environmental remediation. This study presents a green-synthesis route for magnesium oxide–titanium oxide, a mixed oxide here demonstrated to possess high performance of phenol removal from hydrocarbon refinery process wastewater. Mixed oxide (MgO-TiO 2) was prepared by using the whole extract from leaves of Piliostigma Thonningii as reducing agent. Structural characterization of the mixed oxide was done using X-ray Diffractometer, High Resolution Scanning Electronic Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray. Petroleum refinery raw wastewater having phenol concentration of 19.961 mg/L was treated using the green-synthesized mixed oxide. Adsorptive phenols removal up to 99.5% was achieved with a dosage of 0.04 g/100 mL at temperature of 35 C, and contact time of 1.167 h. By this, the treated water meets the standard acceptable phenol concentration (0.1 mg/L) in wastewater of hydrocarbon refinery.



green synthesis, magnesium oxide, mixed oxide, phenol, process wastewater, titanium oxide