Principals’ Leadership Practices and Teachers Job Performance in Kwara State Public Secondary Schools.

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Published by Department of Educational Foundations, Federal University Dutsin-ma, Katsina State, Nigeria.


Abstract It has been observed that leadership and actions of school principals could account for a larger proportion of motivation by teachers to do their works. Therefore, this paper examines principals’ leadership practices and how it affects public secondary school teachers’ job performance in Kwara State. Descriptive survey method was adopted to obtain the opinion of the sampled population. The sample was selected using systematic sampling technique. 100 schools were selected out of the 324 public secondary schools in the state using a sample size 3.4. Two researcher –designed questionnaires were administered to the respondents who are the principals of the sampled schools. The instruments were validated by experts and were subjected to reliability test using Cronbach Alpha. The test yielded reliability coefficients 65.7 and 68.5 respectively. The research questions were answered using mean and standard deviation while the hypothesis was tested with Pearson product moment statistics. Findings from the study shows a high teacher job performance in all the task areas measured and a significant relationship between principals leadership practices and teacher job performance with p-value 0.035 < r 0.667. The study recommended that, mentoring and motivational practices by principals should be sustained, while innovative and teamwork practices should be adopted widely among the principals to help maintain high teacher job performance.



Mentoring, Teamwork, Job performance, Behaviour modeling