Development of E-wallet System for Tertiary Institution in a Developing Country

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Georgian Technical University & St Andrew University of Patriarchy of Georgia


The absence of adequate automated teller machines (ATMs) and banks in and around some university campuses has left students high and dry on many occasions. After banking hours, in a situation where ATMs are unable to dispense cash, students are left unable to purchase products they need at that time. The research methodology develops a new prototype for a practical e-wallet whose goal is to allow the instant money transfers between two users. Although the e-Wallet concept has many implementations, we improve the present level of knowledge by joining the online technology and the classic concepts about money restricted to the university students portal/server due to lack of bank network most times on campus. As opposed to the storing of various plastic card details on the mobile device, a single virtual card is suggested. Monetary value can be transferred to the virtual card. The proposed e-wallet system is very essential as it ensure access to funds kept in the virtual account at alltime via the internet; these reduce the dependency on the ATMs. The e-wallet system is a vital tool in the tertiary institutions. It is of benefit to students and merchants within the campus and thus should be properly managed



Authentication, e-wallet, ATM, Google wallet, modes of transaction