An Assessment of the Challenges and Prospects of Infrastructure Provision in Kwara State, Nigeria.


The bias towards the medium-sized towns in infrastructure provision has prompted communities to provide these basic needs. This study therefore assesses the challenges and prospects of infrastructure provision in Kwara State, Nigeria with a view to understanding the contributions of communities' efforts towards this venture. Specifically, the study identifies the number of communities that are between 5,000 and 20,000 people categorised as medium sized towns; identifies the basic infrastructure provided through community efforts and examines reasons for their provision by the communities. Quantitative method ofresearch was employed to analyse the data collected through random sampling administration to 688 respondents. Infrastructure provided as revealed in the study include roads, water, health facilities, electricity, market stalls, schools and town halls. Reasons for their provision were basicallyfactorsfor urban development. The challenges faced were lack of adequatefinancial supportfrom government and communities and overestimation ofproject. The study therefore revealed the need for adequate government support in the provision of infrastructure. Community partnership with the NGOs and the full support ofwealthy citizen in the community in this project were also suggested.



Electricity , Health facilities, infrastructure, NGOs