Significance of Mountain Prayer in Biblical Narrative with Reference to Matt.17:1-5

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Langaa Research &Publishing Common Initiative Group Mankon, Bamenda North West Region, Cameroon


Security and National Development go together simultaneously. Without adequate security, nation cannot develop. It is however demoralizing that despite various security measures put in place to tackle the problem of insecurity, Nigeria is yet to be free from recurrent cases of kidnapping, hired assassination, ethnic and religious clashes, Armed robbery, Boko-haram insurgency, and other practical difficulties which hassle the nation as a whole. These social problems have threatened the survival of the Nigerian nation. This, in turn, has not improv ed the quality of the standard of living of the people within the society. The objective of the paper was to re-examine the issue of security and national development from Christian perspective using Παράκλητος as a panacea. Methodologies adopted were historical, sociological and exegetical. The paper found out that to get victory at all cost in spite of all terror and challenges of insecurity in Nigeria, we need Παράκλητος; which means, counselor, a comforter, an advocate, or a go-between; someone who comes alongside to give help, encouragement, strength or counsel.



Mountain, transfigured, my beloved son, significance of prayer