Promoting Socio-Cultural Heritage among youths in Ilorin Emirate: Perspectives of Adults in teaching the Youth.

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In Z. I. Oseni, A. S. Abdulsalam, B. O. Yusuf and I. A. Jawondo (Eds). Book of Readings Centre for Ilorin Studies, University of Ilorin. 2017.Unilorin Press.


This study examined Socio-Cultural Heritage of Ilorin Emirate through Adult Education. The descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The study population comprises. The study sample comprised males and females across the five (5) Local Government Areas of Ilorin Emirate Council Asa, Ilorin West, Ilorin East, Ilorin South, and Moro. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted, at the first stage purposive sampling technique was used to draw sixty (60) adult respondents who actively or directly participated in selected cultural activities. Also, cluster sampling technique was adopted to draw four hundred (400) respondents (youths). Two major research instruments were used for data collection; structured interview and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The instrument was validated by experts in the fields of adult education and test and measurement. The reliability co-efficient of the instrument was done using test retest technique and 0.83 was obtained. The data collected were analyzed using frequency and percentages and mean rating. From the findings of study, it can be deduced that youths were not actively participating in socio-cultural activities of their immediate environment. Thus, the study recommended that the adult members of the society should educate the young generation on the importance of culture. Besides; the Ilorin Emirate Council should partner with the tertiary institutions, colleges and research institutions. Such as Centre for Ilorin Studies (CILS) University of Ilorin, Ilorin as to promote our cultural heritage among the youths.


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Promotion, Socio-Cultural Heritage, Adult Education, Youths, Ilorin Emirate