Moral Education: A panacea for National Development

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Institute of Education, University of Ilorin


There is no doubt the fact that Nigeria as a developing country is striving to join the league of communities of developed nations of the world both technologically and politically. All institutions in Nigeria (both private and public) are established with certain aims and objectives in most cases, to make individuals useful members of their respective societies. It is doubtful, however, if these aims and objectives form part of our educational focus today, and if they do, to what extent are they pursued? This is because our institutions of learning (especially the tertiary institutions) are beget with the nefarious activities of cultists and secret societies, resulting in brutal murder of students, lecturers, management staff and so on. The purpose of this paper therefore is to examine the need for the introduction of moral education as an antidote to the high rate of indiscipline on campuses in particular and our society in general, resulting in wastage of lives and properties.



Moral Education, National Development, Nigeria, Campus, Society