Internal microclimate: Service life assessment for a building attached with a solar chimney-collector

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Epistemics in Science, Engineering and Technology


The use of a solar chimney-collector enhances natural ventilation and passive cooling strategies of buildings thus helps in reducing energy use, CO emission and pollution in general. The aim of this paper, therefore, is to obtain service life of a solar chimney-collector gadget attached to a specimen room to realize natural ventilation. The room was made of glass which conditioned it to a remarkable heat, while the solar chimney comprised of insulated wooden box, a vent pipe and an inlet opening with its cover made of the solar collector (a flat box of photovoltaic glass cap, optically coated aluminium absorber and a serpentine tube). Results of a five-week internal microclimatic conditions measurement, each for solar chimney and the specimen room with all windows opened and all windows closed, show that a test-retest reliability analysis of 0.745 and 0.711 were obtained respectively, while the average life-time failure probability of 0.266 was predicted, the chimney-collector system will serve for 50 years.


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energy, solar collector, chimney, reliability, service life