A Critical Analysis of the Christian Response to the Covid 19 Pandemic in Oyo State

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Department of History, Kaduna State University, kaduna


The Covid19 pandemic swept across the world which affected over 200 countries and since the outbreak of the virus it has generated a lot of concerns across diverse fields of study such as Medicine, virology, psychology and Religion. The whole world is taken hostage by this life threatening pandemic which has resulted into loss of lives and destruction of viable investment. Citizens of different countries and their leaders are all living in fear and isolation so as to avoid ways of contracting this virus which calls for scholarly attention. Covid19 affects people of all lands and countries and since its inception Christians in Oyo State have been holding different views and opinions as regards the causes and solutions to the Covid19 pandemic, these responses however necessitated the need for this research.It is worthy of mention, that the Covid19 is a virus affecting all parts of Nigeria, however for the sake of critical analysis, we are limiting the research in scope to Oyo State. The research however employs qualitative and quantitative method of research such as opinion polls, interviews, research papers, articles relevant to the subject matter which establishes the synergy between Religion and the Covid19 pandemic and the Christian response to the global pandemic.



Religion, Covid 19, Effects, Oyo State