Impact of National Directorate of Employment Vocational Training Programme on Living Standard of participants in Kwara State.

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IBBUL Development Education Journal [IDEJ]. Department of Continuing Education and Community Development, Ibrahim Babangida University Lapai, Nigeria.


This study focused on the impact of National Directorate of Employment vocational training programme on participants’ standard of living in Kwara State. The paper has one research question and three (3) hypotheses to guide the researchers. Survey design was used and sample for the study comprised one hundred and fifty (150) respondents randomly selected from various vocational centers across the three (3) Senatorial Districts in Kwara State. A questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The reliability co-efficient of the instrument was done using test retest technique. A reliability coefficient of 0.87 was obtained which revealed that the instrument was reliable enough to carry out the study. The data collected were subjected to appropriate analysis such as frequency counts, percentage, t-test and Analysis of Variance. All hypotheses formulated for the study were tested at 0.05 alpha level of significance. The findings of the study revealed that vocational training has improved quality of life of the participants in the state and there were no differences on the impact based on gender, age and working experience. Based on the findings recommendations were proffered for the participants and the Directorate amongst which was that government should make provision for more resettlement items to enable the Directorate to settle more participants as they complete the programme.


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Impact, Vocational Training, Standard of Living, Participants, Kwara State