Creative Imagination and the Quest for Peace: Reflections on Nigerian Gospel Music Song Texts

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The Department of Philosophy and Religions, University of Abuja


The Nigerian gospel music presents an array of creative imaginations, some of which are directed towards the clamor for peace. Creativity being a product of imagination is given expression in the designs produced by the artist, song writer, composer, poet, playwright, and so on. The thought process is further reflected in the designs exhibited in choice of words, rhyme of words, balance of phrases, patterns of melody, use of harmony, blend of instruments, style of performance and many more. Adopting the cultural hermeneutical, musicological and discographical approaches, this paper examines the music of some Nigerian gospel musicians, analyzing them to bring out patterns of creativity in song texts; issues about their quest for peace and the principles underpinning their compositions. It is also discovered that lack of peace is not only considered in terms of outbreak of war or crisis in a community, state or nation, but also in relation to individual’s well being physically, spiritually and in relation to the nation’s economic, political and religious wellness. It is also discovered that gospel musicians in the context of their existence have evolved certain terminologies for peace or lack of it in Nigerian national life. It is the conclusion of this paper that the Nigerian gospel music is socially relevant and it is a veritable tool for the attainment of the peace being clamored for through creative imagination. It has also helped to create the agenda for the perceived social reconstruction which the grassroots hope for.



Creative Imagination; Peace;Nigerian Gospel Music; Song texts


AJPR Abuja Journal of Philosophy and Religions. 3, 2015; 28 – 50