Performance evaluation of equally spaced linear array antenna by optimizing the radiation pattern using two optimization techniques

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Published by IEEE Nigeria, Computer Science Section


High side lobe levels in a radiation pattern often lead to unwanted patterns of radiation, energywastage 10 and reduction in the overall performance of the antenna. This research work aims to improve 11 theperformance of a smart antenna by optimizing the radiation pattern usingvarious approaches. This was 12 done by obtaining the optimum weights that givea radiation pattern with reduced side lobe level (SLL). 13 Least Mean Squares (LMS) Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm (GA) were used to determine the optimal 14 antenna parametersthat would minimize side lobe level. Simulations were carried out to determine the 15 effect ofincrease in inter-element spacing on array factor and beamwidth using the optimal 16 antennaparameters. It was observed from the results, that for the same number of elements, LMS gave the 17 better outcome in form of a more reduced beamwidth while GA performed better for the reduction of the 18 side lobe level. This translates to the reduction of radiated power wasted in side lobes for linear arrays in 19 antenna systems.



Performance Evaluation, Optimization, Linear Array Antenna, Radiation Pattern