Pitfalls to Prosecuting Corruption in Nigeria

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Department of Jurisprudence and International Law, University of Lagos


Corruption is fingered to be the bane of any society the world over. It is not unique to under developed, developing or developed countries. It is however a major indicator of bad governance. The fight against corrupt practices has assumed a major concern by governments in a quest to ensure that the dividends of good governance are felt by inhabitants of every country. Nigeria ranks poorly in major corruption reports, despite the indices being contested in some quarters. This does not however suggest that the government of Nigeria is not also in the fight against corrupt practices in both public and privates spheres of its existence as a nation. This paper examines Nigeria’s quest to curb corruption and highlights the pit falls that inhibit successful prosecution. It examines the various legislative attempts that have been made to this effect while discussing the other non- legislative challenges. It concludes on the note that the major challenge is not with legal framework but with political will, judicial bottlenecks amongst other factors.



Development, Justice, Corruption, Prosecution, Governance


Onuora-Oguno A.C., & Ajoku O.O.: (2016): Pitfalls to Prosecuting Corruption in Nigeria in Corruption, Money Laundering and Assets recovery in Nigeria M.A Ayoade & S.A Igbinedion (eds), 71-89, Lagos: Nigeria, Department of Jurisprudence and International Law, University of Lagos.