Collaborative Working Relationship Among Nigerian Built Environment Professionals: Factors and Benefits.

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Published by Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria Available at: https//


The built-environment has some sequential non-overlapping roles towards a successful takeoff and delivery of its products-the real estate. However, these roles appeared to be uncoordinated because of the collaboration gap among the built environment professionals (BEP). This may hinder the sustainability of the built environment practice and products. This study investigates the attitudinal issues, the influencing factors, the achieved and potential benefits of the collaborative working relationship among the BEP and how such relationships may enhance the sustainability of the built environment practice and products. Primary data were collected from a sample of 133 fellows of all the BEP bodies in Nigeria through the use of the questionnaire, complemented by a telephone interview. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and the relative importance index (RII). The study discovered that the BEPs safeguard individual profession against encroachment rather than all the built-environment professions (RII 3.96) and the main factor responsible for weak collaboration among the BEPs was working in isolation (RII 3.99). The main benefit discovered from working collaborations among the BEPs was that it enhanced good and reliable practices and products towards a sustainable built-environment (RII 4.20). It is therefore recommended that the BEPs should not limit the working relationships and collaborations to their professions alone but extends such to other professions in the built-environment to exploit the latent potentials of collaboration. The exploitation of these identified potential benefits will eventually bring about improved real estate products and practice for a sustainable built environment in Nigeria.



Collaborative, Built environment, working relationship