A Religious Survey of Technological Oddity: Humanoid as Case Study

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Bamenda: Langaa Research & Publishing CIG


INTRODUCTION. There is a profound anxiety about the fate of the world, taking cognizance of the fleeting inventions of life with regard to the continuous engagements between religion and technology. Ostensibly, technology is a basic aspect of humanity, but its functionality is expected to be within a framework of moral values and religious factors of the people it serves. It therefore becomes problematic when technological breakthroughs pose underlying threats to moral sensibilities and the religious order, of which humanoid robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a focal paradigm of this discourse. Employing the multiple approaches of socio-cultural, anthropological, and analytical methods, this chapter provides a survey of humanoid robots, exploring the spirituality of the same in Yoruba Religion and Christianity respectively portraying these religions as monitors towards technological oddities in our society. This chapter reveals that the moral implications of unmonitored technologies especially the humanoids have greater defects than the benefits they are intended to offer.



Religious Survey, Humanoid, Technological Oddity, Rethinking Security