Da’wah on Radio: The Ilorin Experience

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Department of Islamic Studies, Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto


One of the veritable means employed by Muslim preachers for dacwah (Islamic propagation) in the contemporary period is the medium of radio. This paper thus examined the peculiar discourses of selected Islamic programmes through the medium of radio stations within Ilorin metropolis with the objective of measuring the relevance of the programmes to societal reformation. Adopting a combination of descriptive and evaluative methods of data collection and analysis, findings of the study revealed that some Islamic radio programmes have influenced the Muslims in the community positively especially in the areas of socio-political aspects of human endeavour. The authors, however, observed that most of the programmes aired are those of aqīdah (creed) and muacmalah (human relationship). Areas of ibādah (worship) are given less attention despite the significance it has. The authors therefore recommended that scholars should navigate this aspect, and audience should show a complimentary attitude towards ensuring fluidity of these programmes.



Da'wah, Radio, aqidah, ibadah, muamalah.


A Journal of Islamic Sciences and Muslims Development