Unsteady free convection of magneto-hydrodynamic radiative flow past an infinite vertical porous plate in a porous medium

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ICASTOR Journal of Mathematical Sciences


The unsteady free convection of magneto- hydrodynamics radiative fluid flow past an infinite vertical porous plate in a porous medium under the limit of an optically thin fluid is investigated. An implicit finite difference scheme of crank- Nicolson type was employed in solving the resulting coupled non-linear partial differential equations to obtain the dimensionless velocity and temperature. Velocity and temperature fields have been studied and their profile are graphically presented while velocity gradient and Nusselt number are shown in a tabular form. It is observed, among others that the radiation parameters decreases the velocity and temperature of the field while the suction/ injection parameters lead to an increase in transient velocity and temperature of fluid. Also, a rise in the magnetic field and permeability parameters reduces the velocity significantly and temperature slightly.



Unsteady, Thermal Radiation, MHD, Viscous dissipation, Porous medium