Community participation in project execution for Sustainable Human Development: A Non-formal Education Approach

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Al-Hikmah Journal of Education


This paper focuses on the knowledge and skills of community agents and village level workers as part of non-formal education process for ensuring community participation in project identification, selection and formulation for sustainable development at the grass root level. Conceptual clarification was presented sequentially together with skills needed by village level workers and community agents in stimulating community participation. It was concluded that the selection of sustainable community driven development projects is a matter that should concerned village level workers. It was further recommended that there is a need for community mobilization on the importance of active participation of all members of the community in any project designed for the development of their community. There is a need as well for wider dissemination of knowledge that will be geared towards a better understanding of community project its nature, dimension and its feasibility study.


Joint authorship


Community participation, Project execution, Non-Formal education