Assessment Of The Perception Of University Undergraduates Students As Regards The Effect Of Economic Recession On University Undergraduates' Motivation To Learning

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The study investigated the effect of the contemporary economic recession on university undergraduates in three selected Universities in Nigeria. A descriptive form of the survey was employed. 727 undergraduates from 300 and 400 levels in the three Universities were sampled using stratified sampling techniques. A 13 items Likert-scale questionnaire titled, "Assessment of effects of economic recession on University Undergraduates with psychometric properties of content validity and reliability index of 0.78 was used for data collection. Descriptive statistics were used to answer the research questions, the findings revealed that economic recession affects university undergraduates' motivation to learning. Students are forced to engage in antisocial behaviour in order to meet needs during the period of economic recession and participate less in extra-curricular activities. Based on these findings, it was recommended among others that government should as a matter of urgency address the lingering economic recession as it has an untold effect on undergraduate students learning.



contemporary, economic recession, undergraduates


BELLO, M.B., ONIYE, R.K., OKAFOR, I.P., & AJAYI, O.B. (2018)