Strategies Employed by Teachers in Handling Deviant Behaviours among In-School Adolescents In Ilorin West, Kwara State

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Association of Professional Counsellors in Nigeria


The occurrences of deviant acts among students have been of great concern to stakeholders in education. This study, therefore, considered the strategies utilised by teachers in handling deviant behaviours among in-school adolescents in Ilorin West, Local Government Area of Kwara State. The study considered the influence of variables such as gender, age, educational qualification and teaching experience of teachers. It adopted descriptive survey to obtain information from teachers on the strategies being adopted in handling cases of deviant behaviours. A total of 307 post primary school tutors were randomly selected using a questionnaire titled: Strategies for Handling Deviant Behaviours to amass pertinent data. Four null postulations were made and verified at 0.05 level of significance. Percentile and weighted means were applied to appraise the factual data as t-test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) statistics were applied to confirm the postulated hypotheses. The outcomes of the inquiry showed that the strategies utilised by teachers are setting of clear rules and regulations, employing corporal punishment, referring student(s) who engaged in deviant behaviours for counselling among others. Regarding the postulations, a significant variance was established in the approaches utilised by respondents based on gender and teaching experience but no significant variation was noticed based on scholastic qualification and age. Premised on the outcomes of the inquiry, it was recommended that counsellors should organize workshops for teachers on effective strategies for handing deviant behaviours. They should also advocate preventive strategies for handling deviant behaviours and discourage the use of corporal punishment.


Empirical study


Strategies, Teachers, Handling, Deviant behaviours, In-school adolescents


Mustapha, M. L. A.; Okesina, F.A. & Salawudeen, A. O (2018).Strategies Employed by Teachers in Handling Deviant Behaviours among In-School Adolescents In Ilorin West, Kwara State, 1(2), 216-227